However, in this case it appears due to having suffered a long period of stress in the body. The most important Its onset is difficult to detect, so its treatment is postponed, making intervention difficult. How to recognize it? Some common symptoms are: Little enthusiasm for doing things you previously liked Insecurity Isolation Weakness Eating […]


In both cases you lose a loved one, and it is normal to “feel bad” for approximately 12 months. The most important thing We use psychodrama techniques that facilitate this emotional expression. How to get over it? In order to carry out healthy grief, emotional ventilation is necessary. The person must externalize the feeling of […]


This involuntary urination occurs with a frequency of twice a month or more. The most important thing For it to be considered enuresis, the child must be over 5 years old. How is it treated ? Its treatment is very effective, and if we start with it soon, we will be able to avoid possible […]


The problem arises when this alarm signal is prolonged over time, producing a deficiency in our immune system and making us vulnerable to any disease. The most important thing The paradoxical thing about stress is that at the same time it is harmful on a physical and psychological level, but very reinforcing on a social […]


The most important thing The best way to overcome a phobia is to expose yourself to it. This exhibition can be in imagination, or if circumstances allow it, in real time. What phobias exist? There are many types of phobias, and some of the most common are: Phobia of certain animals (insects, reptiles…) Agoraphobia (fear […]

Speech therapists for children and adults

The most important thing We can help you with voice problems, verbal expression or any language difficulty. Treatment in children Voice disorders Voice paralysis Dysphonia Dysphagia Speech disorders Hearing impairments Aphasias Language disorders Stammering Taquilalia Dislalias Dysarthria Treatment in adults Reading-writing problems and learning disorders (dyslexia, dysorthography, dyscalculia) Communication disorders (autism and mutism) SLI (Specific […]

Irrational thoughts

At some point we have all had thoughts like: Everything is going wrong I’m useless We always end up arguing I’ll never find someone like him I can’t do anything to feel better Or irrational fears: I don’t get on the plane because we could have an accident and die. It’s better that I don’t […]

Communication and relationship problems

The same thing happens at the family level, normally the problem is communication. The most important thing We never work if there are signs of violence. What do we do? Some of our tools are: Techniques that facilitate communication Express feelings with respect Option to work with only one member of the couple Do you […]

Emotional relief

Traumas usually appear after having experienced a catastrophic or unpleasant situation, such as the death of someone close; a divorce; or witnessing an event that is traumatic in itself. The most important thing After treatment, we offer the option to continue therapy in order to come to terms with the traumatic situation. How do we […]

Social skills

It is aimed at those people who have a problem when relating to others. The most important thing They last 1 hour, and can be distributed over time as best suits each person. Do I need it? We recommend that you attend our Social Skills workshop if you identify with any of the following characteristics: […]


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